Running the Narrows on the Lower South Platte
This is not a trip we offer commercially, but it is one that all of our guides enjoy on their own time.  This video shows the most tecnical stretch of river through the Narrows aproximately 12 miles below the town of Deckers.  Boaters should use caution when entering this section and should do it first with someone who has rowed it before.  If you are going to do it, here are a few quick tips….

1. The first drop going into the chutes is relatively strait forward at flows below 300.  At flows higher than 300 a lateral wave wants to push you sideways over the drop which could get you into trouble.  You may want to consider reversing over the drop if you are having difficulty lining it up nose forward.
2. You have room and calm water to eye up the chute before you enter, but once you’re in, the top section comes really fast.  There is no room to get a fairy angle, so you will need to stay tight river left, and skully hard with the left oar and ship the right oar.  The waive train is going to pull you hard into the wall on the right and you will make with it.  Try and hit it strait on and you will bounce right off no problem.  At higher flows, you have more room to work but make sure not to slam into it sideways.  If you do hit it on the side, get to the high side.
3. If things go wrong, get away from the boat, whitewater position, and you will have plenty of recovery room below once you are out of the chutes.

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