South Platte River Downtown Denver Carp Fishing Report

South Platte River Downtown Denver Carp Fishing Report

South Platte River Downtown Denver
September 26, 2011
Flow: 30cfs
Water Temp: 58-67 Degrees
Clarity: Clear

Weather: Sunny

I was finally able to get revenge on the carp this week.  After losing several fish in the railroad ties of Santa Fe the South Platte, I miraculously landed a big boy after chasing him up and down the river.  He still made a run for the railroad ties but I was able to get in between him and the ties and run him back up river.   There is nothing like fighting a 20lb fish on a 5 weight.  You are at the mercy of the fish and you must get creative if you want to land them.  That is what keeps me coming back for more.  Check the video below.  Dave was able to film the entire battle.

This week the fish were not looking at the tricos, instead I was nymphing worms and small crayfish patterns.  The sun was high and the fish were spooky.  Making downstream presentations, small bugs and 4X tippet was the way to get the fish to eat.  Get your flies on the bottom as well.  If your flies are 1 foot off the bottom, you will not get any looks.  It must get down!

Urban Denver carp - Minturn angler fly fishing guide holding it

The water temps have been high.  This means the carp are extremely active.  You will see fish eating early and late in the day.  The middle of the day can be difficult.  The sun is high and they see you coming from a mile away.  The only good thing about the middle of the day is that the light is great, and you are able to see your target.  Early mornings is when you have decent light and the best window of feeding activity.

I was able to muscle this big one out of the railroad ties
A Gentle Release

What you will need for the South Platte:
7.5ft 0r 9ft 3 and 4x leaders
3x and 4x Fluorocarbon Tippet
#AB, BB and 1 CAMO split shot
#08-16 Worms (All Colors)
Barrys Carp Fly
Backstabbers (Black, Wine, Olive)
Tungsten Thin Mint Bugger


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