South Platte River Fishing Report Deckers – 7/6/17 – Levi Lambert

South Platte River Fishing Report Deckers – 7/6/17 – Levi Lambert

Flows have been creeping down from the 300’s at Deckers and the canyon, currently sitting around 185cfs

Despite the lowering flows, fishing has been pretty consistent subsurface with a variety of Stoneflies, Caddis, and Baetis. Think 20 Inchers, Pats Rubber Legs sz 8-12, Nitro Caddis. Soft hackle Caddis, sz 16-18 Barr’s Emerger, Black Thunder, Foamback emerger, sz 18-22. I would be expecting a significant increase in flows anytime now (probably about 30min after I post this fishing report)


The fish have also been looking up and feeding on the surface, but unlike early spring mayfly rises, they’re becoming more opportunistic and may surprise you as to there hiding spots, so make sure your cover fishy looking water with your drys or dry dropper rigs. About half the fish that have eaten on the surface, this time of year, have not been a direct target, just a products of a good drifts through fishing looking runs. Dry flies to consider include: (hairwing caddis sz 14-16, cdc trico or pmd spinners sz 20-22, sparkle duns sz 20-22)


If you really want to have some fun and hone your cast/drift/hook set try running a “mini rig”.

The Mini Rig consists of a large foam attractor fly with a 20-30 inch piece of tippet tied to the bend of the hook. At the end of the piece of tippet tie on two emerger patterns about 12” apart, then put a small weight in between those bugs and start working water, you will be amazed at how effective it is, as well as how frustrating wielding it can be until you get a feel for it, nothing worth doing comes easy.


See you out there,


Levi Lambert

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