South Platte River Fly Fishing Report 5/28/14

South Platte River Fly Fishing Report 5/28/14

Noah DeckersSouth Platte River has been fishing lights out!           

High water or low water the South Platte river has been fishing great the last couple of weeks, and it is only going to get better!

What has been driving such good fishing? A couple of things to make note of are: water temps are coming up helping drive bug activity. The off colored water mixed with overcast days that have produced lot’s of RAIN make fish feel safe. If your heading to the river you had better check the water levels. In a five day span I’ve had to adjust from a 7.5′ 3x leaders to a 9′ 5x. Fishing in these conditions with water changing daily can drive you crazy if you don’t take advantage of the data provided. See link below:


Gear update: New Zealand Strike indicators have been huge in allowing shorter more consistent depths to be fished with the new smaller tubing option. This is critical with lower flows as fish are going to spook more easily at 120 cfs, and that shorter distance from yarn to fly makes for more sensitive rigs. You are going to detect far more strikes this way.  They come with more color options that I find myself blending a white with a green to allow clients to see better. Silicone Mucilin to dress the yarn, not Mucinex for chest congestion.

Bugs: We are on the cusp of some great bug activity. Stonefly casings are floating around everywhere and they are staging towards to banks. Roll some boulders over and see whats hanging out. We are getting closer on those caddis with water temps approaching 48 degrees the further down to the confluences you go.

Hot patterns: Pats Rubber Legs sz 10 in black, Olive BH Scuds sz 16, Pheasant Tails sz 18 and 20, Purple Juju Baetis sz 20,  Graphic Caddis sz 20, Red and Pink San Juan Worms sz 10


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