South Platte Tomahawk Report August 10, 2011

South Platte Tomahawk Report August 10, 2011

Tomahawk Basin

Had a great day fishing Tomahawk yesterday!  It fished better than ever!  The DOW put a ton of rainbows in the river last year, and those fish are growing and doing well.  I arrived at the river early, around 730AM.  Things were fairly quiet to begin with, so this led me to start off nymphing.  Right away I was into fish.  The rainbows simply could not resist a Prince nymph and a Pheasant Tail.  As the day progressed, the mosquitos and the other bugs began to stir.  The fish were not really in the mood for looking up, despite all the caddis and the PMD’s.  Later in the day I tried some hoppers and it was a blast!  The fish were all over hoppers from 1-3PM, it just took them a while to wake up.  Fish something with foam and large in size.  I did well with a size 08 foam Daves Hopper and an Amy’s Ant.

Stuffed It!

Most of the rainbows you are going to catch are not huge, anywhere from 10-13 inches.  But what they lack in size, they make up in numbers.  The browns on the other hand are much larger, but are fewer and far between.   If you are after a big brown, you must cover water and stick to your guns.  I hooked three large browns yesterday and only got two to hand, and nearly lost another.  They will run you under the bank and wrap you up on anything they can.  Fish 4x when you can and keep them away from the snags.  Bring you Deet, you are gonna need it!

One of the larger fish I was able to land
Caught like 25 of these....

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