I headed up to the Miracle Mile last weekend where I had the opportunity  to participate in a spey casting class with Simon Gawesworth from Rio Fishing Products.  This was a great class and I really enjoyed getting to know Simon and improving my fishing with a two handed rod.  No matter how long I fish, there is something new to learn, and Simon helped me immensely in not only casting, but teaching two-handed casting.

We camped on the river Saturday and Sunday Night. Happy to report no rattlesnakes under our tents in the morning! There was one fire burning in the area while we were there but it has been put out.  Early fires in the area will have no effect on the river and it still remains one of the prettiest places you will ever see.

Following the class, I guided a float trip on the Mile and fishing was steady.  Not lights out like it was this Spring, but solid. A majority of the lake run fish have moved back into Pathfinder Reservoir but a healthy population of resident fish remain.   Pathfinder has really come down a lot this summer and there is another mile and a half of river to float that is no long lake.  There are a few good spots in this new section of river and it’s worth a look.

Streamer fishing was sporadic at best, nymphing is the name of the game and you might find a few fish rising on caddis in the late evening.  Standard miracle mile rigging still applies.  Pat’s Rubberlegs, purple San Juan worms, hothead leeches, Tungstones, #8 prince nymphs and guide’s choice hare’s ear in the evening when the caddis get going.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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