Spey Distance Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

Spey Distance Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

The Scientific Anglers Spey Distance is a unique new line to their spey arsenal to help any angler reach out even on the biggest rivers regardless of skill level.

This line is your go to choice for big rivers and big distance. Its unique long belly will help any caster achieve this goal and allow for unsurpassed line control at distance. It comes with a braided multifilament core, which allows for strong delivery at any distance. It also carries SA’s Line ID stamp.

The Spey Distance line replaces the XLT long belly originally offered by Scientific Anglers and the fact of the matter its a easier line to pick up and cast. It would be a great choice of a line for the Clearwater River in Northwest Idaho.

It comes in a two tone color, Chartreuse and Orange; with Chartreuse being the running line for easy sight in low light conditions and Orange being the actual head.

The Cost of these lines are $86.95

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