Steele Lewis | Minturn Anglers Fly Fishing Guide Profile

Steele Lewis | Minturn Anglers Fly Fishing Guide Profile

         The rest of Steele’s teenage years were spent exploring every body of water and every species of fish he could find around his home state of Vermont as well as New Hampshire, and upstate New York. After college and a short stint down south, Steele knew it was time to get back to the mountains and trout he loved, and decided to move to Blue River, Colorado.
Steele was instantly addicted to the scenery and hungry trout. It was the first time he’d used an indicator, or sub-surface dead drift, or seen trout over 3 lbs. After a year of cutting his teeth on the Blue, Steele came to Vail for a teaching opportunity and
stayed for the Eagle River, which he appreciates more with each day that passes. The Eagle River is hands IMG_20160128_213047down Steele’s favorite river out of all that he has fished. 70 Miles of wild, freestone river, which produces steelhead sized Rainbow trout and buck nasty brown trout. A river which humbles the fishiest of “sticks”, and fishes with the technicality of a pressured tailwater, but with the free flows and diversity of bug life that can only be found on a free stone. What more could an aspiring trout guide ask for? 4 years later, his love and respect for the Eagle has grown exponentially. He loves how unique every fishery in Colorado is, and hopes to explore them all, but the Eagle is his favorite and the one he calls home. Steele feels couldn’t be luckier.

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