Steelhead Happy Hour | Fishing Reports | Mile High Flats Trips | Summer Guided Trip

Steelhead Happy Hour | Fishing Reports | Mile High Flats Trips | Summer Guided Trip

FRIDAY AUG 19th FROM 4:00 – 6:00
46118-FLY SHOP FRIDAY SPECIAL EDITION: Steelhead Happy Hour FRIDAY AUG 19th FROM 4:00 – 6:00


 Fly shop Friday this week is going to be a special one. On top of the usual killer deals on flies and the FREE BEER this week we are going to have Minturn Anglers owner Matt Sprecher down here in the Parker shop for a last presentation, talk about updates from the guides in AK, answer any questions anyone has, and give out two big surprise gifts. The Minturn Alaska trip is something that our guides and clients alike look forward too every year. This year we have added a few extra weeks to help accommodate the rising demand for this trip and as we get closer to game time the spots are filling up. If you are on the fence now is the time to jump off and get your spot locked down before it’s too late!
Matt will be down in the shop hanging out and talking Steelheadz from 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and then around 5 he will get stared with his presentation which includes some good old Minturn Angler fishporn from our trip last year. If you have any questions about available dates or just want some reassurance this is certainly the place to get it. We will have some pizza and beer down in the shop so come have dinner on us and talk some fishing!
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Vail Valley Fishing Reports 

46118-Vail Valley Fishing Reports
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Eagle River
Get up to the Valley as soon as you can because the Eagle is fishing really well as the season goes on. The bug life is a little smaller now and the size 18 and 20 Blue Wing emergers and Rs2’s are the ticket. Trico hatches have been solid as well so a little Barrs Trico emerger or a Black Two Bit Hooker will put some fish in bag for you. Later is the day you’ll find those fish moving into the deeper runs and snacking on Baetis and midges along the seams of the fast and slow water. Plan on fishing a decent amount of weight in the early afternoon. Once the water started to cool back down again the fish will move back up in the water column and go back to eating adult Blue Wings and emergers.
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Gore Creek

Gore Creek is up but still has good visibility. The water towards East Vail is sexy and fishing well. Bead head nymphs of any variety should get em as long as they’re deep and your drifts are true. Cascade Village has decent access and hungry fish as well. When in doubt, chuck a small streamer!

Colorado River

The Upper Coli is lookin beautiful right now with next to perfect flows and good visibility. Pump House to Radium seems to be the money stretch and fish are coming on a variety of patterns. The most fun way to get the rod bent in my opinion is a hopper dropper rig with some sort of Chubby or Charlie Boy with a stonefly nymph off the back 16 inches. Cast at the bank and wait for the explosion. The streamer bite has been holding strong in the morning hours as well as the afternoon and early evening. If you’ve never fished this stretch then I can’t recommend enough that you let one of our Pro’s take you out.



Carp’e Diem. Mile High Flats Trips

46118-Carp’e Diem. Mile High Flats Trips
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The flats boat, the flip flops, tailing fish… Are we sure this is Colorado?  
It’s no secret that salt water destination trips are the stuff a fly fisherman’s dreams usually consist of, but with a full time job and a family not all of us can run away to Belize to chase Bone Fish at the drop of a hat. Getting a Wednesday off to go pole around a reservoir stalking golden bone… a lot more manageable. Minturn Anglers guide Gavin Greely is geared up and ready to go spot some carp from the deck of his Rocky Mountain Flats boat! Give us a call at the Parker shop to talk trip details or if you have any questions! Don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience!!!
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Front Range Fishing Reports


46118-Front Range Fishing Reports
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Dog days are here and the fishing on the South Platte is staying consistent. We are still seeing super hot days down in the Deckers area so it’s important to be on the water early and catch those fish before they go deep searching for cooler temperatures. The trico hatch has been killer in the morning hours but the fish aren’t coming up to the surface too consistently. Your best bet is to run a hopper dropper rig with some sort of small black trico nymph. Size 20 Copper Johns or Two Bit Hookers should produce for you off the hopper until the hatch slows down. Mid day you gotta get deep and get small. Fish have been loving the Rs2 behind a worm in the heat of the day but plan of dropping them below a couple good size spilt shot. The afternoon has been spotty with all the storms rolling in but if you can catch a day with a little cloud cover and no rain the fishing stays hot until its too dark to see your flies. Swing by the shop if you need some more info!
The Dream Stream

It’s starting to look like early fall down on the Dream but the temperatures are still holding high and the fishing has been feeling the impact of those afternoon storms and hot days. The morning hatches are strong and you’ll see fish actively eating tricos on the surface until 10:00 or so. Big Chartreuse Charlie Boy hoppers tricked a few fish that were sucked up under the banks on the lower river and we they wouldn’t eat the hopper we managed to fool a few on a san juan worm dropped off the back of the hopper about 14 inches or so. As it got hot the fishing seemed to slow down quite a bit and the storms seem to roll in around 2 every day and bring the wind and rain through the valley.
Chessman Canyon 
You’re hard pressed to have a bad day in the canyon. Fishing has been consistent and the water temps are darn near perfect. The bug life is gonna be similar to what you’d be throwing at Deckers just scaled down a size or two. The tricos are certainly the main menu item and as the day goes on you’ll see some bigger PMD’s still hatching in the shady parts of the Canyon. Early morning and late evening has been surprisingly good streamer fishing throughout the canyon. If you’re getting there early enough or staying late enough tie on some thick tippet and your favorite meat fly. You might get surprised by what comes and turns on it.
Summer Trips!

46118-Summer Trips
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The weather is hot but i’ll tell you the fishing is even hotter. Water is dropping all over the state and we are dealing with some happy fish no matter where you want to explore.  There is really no better way to cool off here in Sunny Colorado than to get knee deep in a river and why not let us put you on
some fish along the way? Our guides are hungry and 
 at the ready to take you out and put a bend in that rod, Give us a call at the shop with any questions or click the link below to book!!! We can’t wait to fish with ya!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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