Tying a Stimulator
In this video Michael Gula demonstrates how to tie a stimulator.  The “stimi” is a go to pattern under a variety of situations.  It can be fished in size 14-18 as a caddis and/or as like a Yellow Sally.  In the larger sizes it can be a bigger golden stone or salmon fly (color to match).

Fly Tying Materials List: We are happy to mail you any materials you will need to tie this fly and/or others.  To order by phone call us at 720-851-4665.

Hook: TMC 2312 or 200r #6-18
Thread: 8/0 or UTC 70 to match dubbing
Tail: Elk Hair
Rib: Fine Copper Wire
Abdomen: Kaufman’s Stimulator Dubbing
Body Hackle: Brown or light grizzly Rooster Neck
Wing: Elk Body hair
Front Hackle: Grizzly Neck Hackle
Thorax:Kaufman’s Stimulator dubbing

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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