Cross Creek | Spring Creek Fishing Near Vail

Cross Creek | Spring Creek Fishing Near Vail

Winter-Private2-220x300Tumbling from the rocky heights of Mountain of the Holy Cross, Cross creek offers fantastic scenery and great small stream fishing.

Cross creek is home to Brookies, Cutts and Browns down low. For most of the year you can do very well with a dry-dropper rig and a bit of stealth. Using a light indicator rig is also very productive, especially in the pocket water and plunge pools. Just like most high altitude creeks, Cross Creek does not have prolific hatches, but instead most summer days see a random smattering of midges, bwo’s and the occasional caddis.

Cross Creek is high but fishable right now. There is still quite a bit of snow in the upper reaches, but the bottom few miles are good to go. If things get really warn next week Cross Creek will blow out again. Look for the best fishing conditions on Cross when we get further into summer.

Nymphs: Skinny Nelson’s #18-22, Soft hackle, Merc and flashback Pheasant tails #18-22, Copper John’s and Bob’s #18-22, BWO Barr Energers #20-22, Pearl and Black Rainbow Warriors #18-22, The Fly Formerly Known as Prince #12-20, Hare’s Ear #16-20, JuJu Baetis #18-22
Dries: Ant-Acid #16, Adams #14-22, Tan, Olive and Yellow Crystal Stimis #14-22, Royal, Olive and Peacock PMX’s #14-18, Yellow and Red Humpies #16, Patriot and Royal Wulfs #14-18, BWO Cripples #18-22, Black and Cinnamon Ants #16-18

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