Colorado River Reports – Summer/Fall 2013

Colorado River Reports – Summer/Fall 2013


Pumphouse to Two Bridges has been the spot this month for streamers, dries and nymphs. Let the fish tell ya which style they prefer. Watch for fish feeding actively subsurface from 11am to 4pm. A good rig can always start with a small beadhead prince nymph followed by midges of your choice. When the bobber goes down, the music goes up! If you prefer a top water take, midges and baetis behind a big cluster midge has been fishing exceptionally well. As far as streamers are concerned, the action has been hit or miss but when it’s on… it’s on!

(4/5 stars)

With flows over 1300 c.f.s the Colorado has been fishing very well. Even with the recent rains clarity has been consistently good as well. The higher water is stirring up a lot of grass, so fishing streamers and dries has been best. Recommended Flies:

Olive Sculpzilla’s, Schroeders Hoppers and X2 Caddis.

Despite recent afternoon and night time rains clarity has not been an issue the past week. You will see pretty much every type of bug on the water these days, so keep changing flies until you find the producer du jour. Recommended Flies: Peg Worms, Molting Stones and flash bang midges.

3/5 stars this week!

WE FINALLY HAVE SOME WATER!!! Flows are up over 1000cfs and our river looks the way she should finally. With most of our much needed water coming from the Blue River the water temps have dropped significantly. While this will mess with a hatch or two it makes the fish and our guides VERY happy. Concentrate your efforts from State Bridge – Pumphouse for the best fishing, wade or float.

Sallies, Red Quills, Pmds and terrestrials are abundant and lots of fish are suspended in the riffles eating emergers and adults. Keep an eye out for some of the bigger Golden Stones as they should be making their presence know soon.

The lower Colorado below Glenwood Springs is also a great option right now especially from a boat, but an afternoon thunderstorm can make her run red so call ahead.

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