Gore Creek – Stream Briefs summer/Fall 2013

Gore Creek – Stream Briefs summer/Fall 2013


Here’s a secret for ya… Streamers! Believe it or not, these big boys have been the ticket of late. Cover a lot of water, hit a hole with two casts followed by a few strips and hold on! If you would rather fish upstream, try some dry-droppers. These crazy trout still can’t get enough of a stimi with a midge below it. The whole Creek is doing exceptionally well including the Vail Village. If you are fishing in town, put your focus on the deep holes under the bridges. Less people here means less pressure!

(4/5 stars)

Hoppers and other terrestrials continue to be producing the best (and most fun,) fishing on the Gore. Look for brushy banks and cover a lot of water. Being stealthy by fishing from behind rocks and avoiding wading will improve your chances. Recommended Flies: Hi vis ants, Grand Hoppers and soft hackle PT’s

Terrestrials are fishing very well on the Gore, even more so than the Eagle. Cover lots of water especially in areas with overhanging brush and cut banks and don’t be afraid to throw gaudy hoppers. Recommended Flies: Chernobyl Ants, Tungsten Ants and Soft Hackle Spectre’s
4/5 stars this week!

The water temps are starting to get pretty high on the Gore and we urge people to be sensitive to this delicate gold medal stretch we are so lucky to have in our backyard. Let’s all help out and find other places to go during the heat of mid summer.

Our favorite little local creek is ready and willing for the summer season. The East Vail reach has fished OK this past week and the Lionshead- The Confluence of the Eagle is fishing very well. Large numbers of pmd’s and Caddis have been in the air but as you know the lower stretch is best fished with a technical nymph rig.

Rating: 4/5

Nymphs: Eggs, streamers, Mercer’s Poxyback baetis #18-22, Rainbow Warrior’s in black and pearl #18-22’s, UV Midges #20-24, WD-40’s and 50’s in natural and olive #20-22, Merc and Sparkle wing RS-2’s in grey #22, Regular RS-2’s in black and olive #22, JuJu Bees and Baetis #20-22, BWO Barr Emergers #18-22, Real Meal Nymph #20-22, BLM’s #20-22
Dries: Roy Palm’s special emerger #20-22, Parachute Adams #18-24, Midge Cluster (of death) #16-18, Griffiths Gnat #16-22

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