Swinging Flies for Trout | N. Platte Guided Spey Trips

Swinging Flies for Trout | N. Platte Guided Spey Trips

North Platte River Guide Spey Instruction offered March through May & October-November on the N. Platte in Cenral Wyoming.


This is a great chance to learn how to spey cast, and swing flies for big N. Platte rainbows! Swinging flies & casting 2 handed rods is a ton of fun, easy to learn & will make you really understand the fundamentals of role casting with your single handed rod. Buy Any Spey Rod or Switch Rod Setup and Get a free Half Day Spey Trip! Learn more about Swinging flies for trout on the N. Platte!

  • Half Day Spey Trips: $125
  • Full Day Spey Trips: $225

Swinging flies for trout is an extremely fun and addictive way to fish.  When a fish eats a big fly on the swing you can bet it’s going to hit it hard. That bone jarring strike which we feel on swung flies is what keeps us coming back for more. We love teaching spey and we have set up several incentive programs to get you into it successfully. WIth purchase of any spey or switch rod, we include a free half day lesson. We also have great off season pricing on half day and full day spey only trips. Find out more about our N. Platte Spey Trip Specials >>

Why Spey?

You can swing flies for trout with a single handed rod or a two handed rod. We prefer to use two handed spey rods or switch rods depending on the size of the river we are fishing. The reason being is because you can cover large amounts of water more efficiently and with less effort using longer rods. People often thing spey casting is extremely difficult to learn and in reality it’s not.

Styles of Spey Casting We Teach

We are well adept in teach all three styles of spey (Traditional, Scandi and Skagit). While all have their place, the skagit system is the easiest to learn and makes the most sense for the N. Platte for fishing big flies and sink tips on 5-6 wt rods.

Choose from any of the following links for more information about the various types of spey casting and techniques.

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