Thanks to Minturn Anglers Guides for the Best Duck Hunting Experience

Thanks to Minturn Anglers Guides for the Best Duck Hunting Experience

Duck hunting with Minturn Anglers in Denver and Vail ValleyI love duck hunting with a passion. Come with me as I share some of the reasons I lie awake in anticipation on the opening day of duck hunting season:

  • Pre-season on-line, catalog and in store shopping for equipment and supplies has stretched my patience for opening day to arrive
  • Getting ready for the first morning, making sure all gear is in order and that my shotgun is well cleaned and functioning smoothly, is almost painfully pleasurable
  • The smell of quality gun oil provides a comforting prelude
  • Getting up at 3 am and meeting up with my buddies and our guide at the 24 hour coffee shop before heading out to our hunting field revives pleasant memories
  • Embracing the silence and stillness as we hike in by moonlight to our hunting blind is captivating
  • Watching the sun rise from the comfort of the blind and listening to the sounds heralding a new day has a peacefulness all its own
  • Listening to the quacking communication and whistling of wings as first ducks appear overhead is exhilarating
  • The smell of gunpowder as first shots are fired is almost intoxicating
  • A shot well tracked and a bird crumpling to the ground offers a satisfying sense of pride
  • The enjoyment of celebratory comments from friends and guide adds to my library of shared good memories

Such a duck hunting session sounds relatively easy to prepare for and enjoy. And it is for me  ̶  because I rely on the expert hunting guide services provides by the professionals from Minturn Anglers from their Denver, Minturn or Vail shops. These experts take care of all the scouting and setting up needed to ensure a successful day hunting, so that I simply can spend my time hunting. They eliminate the hard work and stress of duck hunting.

As much as I enjoy duck hunting, it just doesn’t make sense for me to buy, maintain and store all the gear that might be needed, such as blinds, decoys, motors, boats, trailers, calls, waders and even more decoys. When I hunt with Minturn Anglers, they provide all the top quality equipment needed.

Minturn Anglers guides have access to prime hunting grounds and know exactly where to bring us to ensure a successful day’s hunting. Each guide takes the time to spend one on one time with us to hone our calls, and shooting stance and skills. In my experience, hunting with a guide from Minturn Anglers allows me to enjoy each outing to the fullest!

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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