Troutbeads Review | Trout Beads Pegged Eggs

Troutbeads Review | Trout Beads Pegged Eggs

The Troutbeads order is in and we have every peg egg you need for this Spring! This first shipment won’t last long so give us a call if you would like us to set some aside for you!

If you spend time around Colorado Skies you know we have always love troutbeads.  Say what you want, but you can’t argue with their effectiveness.  If you have questions about rigging, preconceived notions, or want to find out more about troutbeads see our Video & Picture Tutorial on Troutbead Pegged Egg Rigging

Best Troutbeads for Pegged Egg Rigs Available at Minturn Anglers….

Why are Pegged Eggs So Effective?
I believe this is a two part answer.  The fist part has to do with the colors available.  The selection of troutbeads can allow you to pick colors that are spot on to match the natural selection in whatever river you are fishing.  The second and equally important is the way in which they tumble along the bottom.  Since these beads are made of plastic, they have more weight than the conventional yarn egg.  The extra weight keeps you along the bottom.  Furthermore, since the hook is not attached to the egg itself, they don’t get hung up nearly as much.


What are the Best Sizes and Colors of Troutbeads?
On rivers where fish have not yet seen troutbeads, we time and time again find the glow roe and the mottled glow roe to the most effective.  On rivers such as the Frying Pan, where virtually everyone is fishing beads these days, the glow roe has lost a bit of it’s effectiveness.  This is when you need to mix it up a bit.  The mottled white snow roe has become very effective, and peachy pearl has it’s place.  The bottom line is, there will always be a bead color that works and the fish haven’t seen much of just yet.  On smaller tailwaters where the fish see heavy pressure we prefer the 6mm bead and even the 4mm on waters such as the Taylor River.  On big rivers, where the water is less clear such at Grey Reef or the Colorado River we fish a lot of 8mm troutbeads.  In general, the less selective the fish, the less spot on we try to be with our beads.  For example, on the Miracle Mile a chartreuse 8mm blood dot bead is deadly.  Try fishing this bead on the South Platte at Deckers and the fish will run for cover!

Pricing: $2.25-3.75/package depending on size and color.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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