Tubing Fly Tying Materials| Micro Tubing, Stretch Tubing, D-Rib

Tubing Fly Tying Materials| Micro Tubing, Stretch Tubing, D-Rib

Fly Tying Tubing, D-Rib, Stretch, Round Rib

Tubing comes in many different colors, sizes and shapes. Each product offers its own special qualities that allows for different uses.

Stretch Round Rib is round and solid rubber. It has great stretch which allows for great segmented bodies. It comes in 3 sizes to cover everything from small midges to large saltwater patterns.

Stretch Tubing is also round but unlike the round rib it is hollow. Excellent for midges and creating segmented bodies. One cool feature of it is the fact it is hollow so you can fill it with liquid allowing you to make exotic patterns that will really set them apart. VIDEO: Tying Midges With Micro Tubing

Vinyl Round Rib is great for ribs, wing cases on your nymphs as well as your scud backs. Truly a very versatile item that is a must in everyone’s box.

Vinyl “D” Rib- Unlike the other tubing mentioned above it has a “D” shape to it. It’s half round and makes incredible rib on larger stonefly patterns as well has bodies on Crazy Charlies. Comes in sizes small enough for midges and has just the right amount of stretch. Video: D-Rib Golden Stone Pattern

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