Use a Denver Fishing Guide for the Best of Eleven Mile Canyon

Use a Denver Fishing Guide for the Best of Eleven Mile Canyon

Denver fishing Guide serviceI want to try my hand in Eleven Mile Canyon. I’ve heard from other anglers this is the place to go in the Denver area, not only for unmatched beauty, but especially to catch fish!  The word is this stretch of the South Platte seems to hold more fish per mile than any other nearby river. However, as with other sections of the river, success will depend on finding the right access points and being adaptable to how the fish are behaving. My time is limited, so it’s time to call on a professional fishing guide from Minturn Anglers in Denver.

What to Expect in Eleven Mile Canyon

Eleven Mile Canyon begins just below Eleven Mile Reservoir, the second largest reservoir feeding Denver. For more than ten miles, this prime trout stream forges its way through a magnificent canyon bounded by granite boulders, moss laden rocks and fallen Ponderosa pine trees. The stream itself provides a variety of fish habitat, offering ideal pocketwater, deep holes and shelves in mid-channel, as well as riffles and challenging runs.

The top and bottom releases from the Eleven Mile Reservoir are perfect for a robust population of cutthroats, rainbows and browns to exist in the stream. Most average around 15 inches, with some reaching 20 inches and more. My friends also report catching pike, kokanee salmon and carp, and even the occasional bass and yellow perch. All in all, this sounds like the perfect choice for my next fishing adventure.

 Why I Choose a Minturn Anglers Fishing Guide

Minturn Angler guides are on the local waters almost every day, and know exactly where to go to catch the trophy trout. They know how to get to these ideal locations quickly, and have the knowledge to find places not overwhelmed by other anglers.

Best of all, I know from prior experience, each fishing guide takes the time and is genuinely interested in helping me have the best possible day on the water. They recommend the pattern that will likely be most productive, and even provide me with the fly if I don’t have it in my own collection. And I always appreciate the tips I receive. Every session with a Minturn Anglers fishing guide leaves me confident I’ve refined my technique a little bit more.

I know I can count on a Minturn Anglers fishing guide to provide me with a memorable and successful experience on new waters I choose to explore.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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