Using Colorado’s Waterfowl Hunting Registration System

Using Colorado’s Waterfowl Hunting Registration System

I have been out with hunting guides from Minturn Anglers from all three of their locations (Denver, Minturn and Vail), and have always returned with improved hunting skills and appreciation for the knowledge, skills and willingness of these guides to share their information with me. Sometimes, when I have two or three days available, I like to test my improved waterfowl hunting skills on my own. The major hurdle is locating a good site where I can legally hunt. This year I am going to try the Colorado Hunting Reservation System.

Colorado has 42 state parks, and 30 of them offer hunting opportunities. Many of these parks offer overnight camping facilities, so I am considering bringing the family along. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers have installed a number of duck hunting blinds on several state owned properties, and use a duck blind reservation system to manage waterfowl hunting opportunities on these properties.

Reservations are free, and any hunter can reserve a blind up to two weeks before a hunting date. Some twenty blinds already exist in the Grand Valley, and new ones being established at Island Acres State Park, Franklin Island State Park, and other public lands throughout the state.  When I was last at Minturn Anglers in Denver I picked up state brochures on Waterfowl and Colorado Recreational Lands for more information.

When I am ready to make a reservation, I can call 1-800-UGO-WILD (846-9453), or if I need more information I can check out their website: Reservation lines are open 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday except state holidays. Before calling, I will have:

  • My CID (Customer Identification Number) from my license
  • A current waterfowl hunting license
  • The license plate of the car I will be using on hunting day
  • A listing of the state properties I am interested in obtaining a reservation

Once a property has been assigned I will be careful to read over the regulations to be sure I am in compliance for that property.

I am looking forward to a unique experience and a chance to test out the skills I have learned from my Minturn Anglers guides.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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