Add Value to a Colorado Skiing Vacation with a Winter Float Fly Fishing Trip

Add Value to a Colorado Skiing Vacation with a Winter Float Fly Fishing Trip

winter float trip - fly fishing with david budniakiewicz with nice troutEscape the long line-ups on the slopes for a day, and experience a once in a lifetime adventure fly fishing from a float boat in the middle of winter. This unique form of fly fishing allows a guide and up to two anglers to fish and experience miles of spectacular river waters all day without having to wade or walk. If you enjoy floating or are just looking for something different, a Colorado winter float fishing trip could be just what you need. It’s hard to surpass these beautiful winter views.

Float trips offer the fly fisherman the opportunity to try their skills in waters that are not accessible any other way. Minturn Anglers, conveniently located in both Denver and Minturn, offers reasonably priced half day float trips on the Colorado River, Eagle River and Roaring Fork. The river chosen on any given day is the one with the best flow. Expect a comfortable trip, as all Minturn Anglers boats are well equipped with seats and fishing braces. They even provide chairs and tables for meals on the shore. Choose to bring your own gear or have Minturn Anglers provide you with everything you might need.

One of the first things you will notice is the lack of competition from other fishermen. The solitude of a quiet winter afternoon is impossible to find in the busier summer months. The second feature you will quickly realize is that catching trout in the coldest months is easier than might be expected. On a good day, fish will be competing to eat clouds of blue winged olives and midges. Locating these active fish is the challenge in winter months.

Your Minturn Anglers guide will help you locate winter trout holding areas. Fish are lethargic in winter months and tend to seek out deep holes and runs with slow currents. With some direction, you will quickly be able to locate these areas of deep water, and the trout located there.

Try a Minturn Anglers float fly fishing excursion, and you too will agree that winter fly fishing in Colorado is phenomenal.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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