Walk-the-Dog Topwater Fly

Walk-the-Dog Topwater Fly

The Pole Dancer Topwater Fly
This fall we were able to get our hands on one of Umpqua’s new Flies, “The Pole Dancer.”  This is a true walk the dog topwater that until now has been hard to achieve in a fly.  The face of this fly is cut out in a way that when stripped wobbles side to side much like a waterskier trying to to get up on one ski.  We can’t wait to put this in front of some wiper and striper this spring!

Topwater Tactics for Wiper
Though wiper in Colorado are less known for explosive topwater feeding as they are in the Southern United States, don’t think that imbedded urge doesn’t still exist in our local fish.  There is something about a side-to-side topwater movement that triggers an impulsive urge in wiper and striper that  they cannot ignore.  When fishing topwater look for the springtime water to hit 60 degrees. Vary your retrieve and be patient between strips.  Often times a big wiper will suck it in just as you begin your strip after a pause.

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