William Joseph Surge Waist Pack Review

William Joseph Surge Waist Pack Review

william joseph waist pack reviewThe William Joseph Surge Mag series waist pack is made for guys like me who forget to zip pockets and leave a trail of gear wherever they go.

Instead of zippers on this waist pack, the Mag series packs open and shut automatically with magnets. Awesome concept! Lots of gear storage, and this pack has a lot of places to hold a long handle net within the pack.

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As for the pack itself, you can tell it was made by people who fly fish.  the front pouch is great for keeping indicators, split shots, and the smaller accessories.  The main compartment has plenty of room for up to four pretty decent sized fly boxes.  There are two waterbottle holders built in on both sides of the pack.  If I’m not using it for water, they can be zipped tight to carry larger split shot containters, troutbead boxes or whatever else.  Aside from the magnetic closer, what I really like  is the many ways it has to carry a medium sized net.

This is waist pack I use currently and hands down the best waist pack I’ve ever owned Two thumbs up on my review of the William joseph Surge Waist pack

Here is What William Joseph Has to Say about the Surge Waist Pack

Salt, Mud, Ice… Wow, talk about the other guy’s problems, Nature has yet to concoct a substance capable of causing you grief while using this fanny pack. Take to the flats, “woller” in the surf or roll around in your favorite mud hole it doesn’t matter, with the smartest pocket layout in the world and the new ZIP-NO technology all we can say is “bring it”. This pack also has a built in work station, a breathable ergonomic suspension, as well as a super comfy neck strap to help bare the load.



  • 9 Pockets
  • Water Bottle Not Included
  • Suede Neck Strap
Capacity:825 CiWieght: 1 Lbs 14 Oz
Bladder Size:Dimensions: TBA

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