Hoodrat The Hoodrat was developed to imitate a small field mouse.  Trout, along with bass and pike are natural predators of the field mouse.  The hoodrat is designed to look as natural as possible, while maintaining it floatability and action. Fly Tying Materials List: We are happy to mail you any materials you will need […]

Deckers/Cheesman Report: May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 Flow: 295 rising to 380 CFS Water Temp: 52 Degrees Clarity: Clear with a slight stain Weather: Clear in Morning/Overcast Afternoon The caddis are here!  Finally we are seeing some caddis at Deckers.  The fish are not quite looking up yet.  We need a steady stream of caddis to come off to […]

South Platte River Fly Fishing Trip Photos

Client and customer fly fishing images from guided trips in Deckers, Cheesman Canyon area, North Fork of the South Platte River, Eleven Mile Canyon, Waterton Canyon, Dream Stream and other South Platte River tributaries. Back to South Platte River Information Page