Basic Fly Fishing Entomology | The Bugs You Need to Know & Must Have Flies

Fly Fishing Entomology is one of the many things in fly fishing that has been WAY over complicated.  Fly fishing entomology really boils down to a 3rd grade science quiz.  Don’t make it more complicated then it needs to be! Though this is over simplified and we will not cover the various species in each […]

Wading through the Dead Water | What Really Catches Trout

Common Question: What are the fish hitting lately? Answer: A consistently good drift at the right depth over water where fish are holding with a fly the fish will notice but not run away from. When I’m asked the above question and  give the above mentioned answer, people often think I’m holding back or saving […]

Reading the Water | Trout Habitat & River Types

Reading the water is a term thrown around frequently in fly fishing. Understanding the species of fish you are targeting and the environment in which they live will help you be a more successful angler Trout Identification There are many species of trout and crosses “hybrids” with in them.  For the purpose of this lesson […]

Understanding & Selecting Fly Fishing Gear

How to select the right fly fishing gear You do not need to spend a fortune to get into Fly Fishing. What we recommend is that you take it in stride. You want to buy the best quality gear within your budget, while not skimping on items you need. Things to Look for In Fly […]

Fly Fishing Expectations for Beginners

Fly fishing is a lifelong learning process.  The more you do it, the better you get and the more addicting it becomes! Proceed with Caution….    Don’t Expect to be Great the First Time You Fly Fish Did you shoot par the first time you played golf…or ever? In the Beginning You Can Expect…. Line […]