De-barb your flies, Early and Often!

De-barbing hooks has always been a debate in the Fly Fishing industry. To de-barb, to leave the barb, to fish barbless flies, everyone has their opinion. I have always de-barbed my clients’ hooks. This is done for the safety of both anglers and fish. I have recently gained a better appreciation for the de-barbed hook. […]

Livin’ the Dream: Why It’s Rad to be a Fly Fishing Guide in Vail, Colorado

Being a fly fishing guide is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It’s not Easy Street, but it is an inspiring and adventurous career.  At Minturn Anglers, we have at least three traditions that remind me why I love working with the class of fishy, careful, foolish experts (or is it expert fools?) that make up our guide […]