Building A Case | Journal the River to Build a “Playbook” by Duane Redford

Editor’s Note: Though I posted this entry, it was Duane’s writing.  He is a fishy guide who pays careful attention to detail. 7-11-2014–This is the first year for me on the Eagle River with Minturn Anglers.  I had never even stepped a wading boot in that river prior to re-compassing my guide career this year. […]

Stripping vs. Spooling | A Guide’s Controversy

I’m not a purist, or elitist, nor traditionalist.  I just like to see a bunch of fish hit the bottom of the bag.  That brings me to my point regarding stripping versus spooling.  I’m talking about using the fly reel for you crooked folks out there! Lately, I’ve guided a few folks that prefer to […]

Fly Fishing Tips | Fishing the “Worm Hatch” All the Time

Why I Use the Worm Throughout the years, I’ve always wondered how many fish are eating my flies and spitting them out before I ever get any indication of a strike from my Thingamabobber. I have always found it useful to throw a worm when the water is up and off-color, but I have always […]

Fishpond Nomad Guide Net / Review and Rugged Test

Nomad guide net

Why Review a Net? The net is one piece of equipment that is often overlooked by anglers.  Nets can be cumbersome, difficult to manage and even forgotten on the side of the river or on a rented boat.  They can be easily damaged when dropped, stepped on or even sat on.  Often, anglers will have two […]