Gore Creek Fly Fishing Report 8/27/14 Vail, Colorado

  WHERE:  GORE CREEK. Today’s fly fishing is less than predictable on The Gore, or, more precisely, the weather is predictably unpredictable.  It’s the typical late afternoon scenario this time of year:  Mostly cloudy, patches of sun bringing heat with thunderstorms squeezing in where they can.  I generally come prepared to change things up, but […]

Why I Despise Fly Fishing…

15212-Tom Rushlow-Vail Valley

Okay, allow me to explain the title for this bit.  The basis for my title comes from something an old friend told me a long time ago when I was quite young.  We had been talking about relationships, and he said to me, “Tom, love and hate are the same thing. They come from the […]

Brook Trout Hunter: Believe in the Beaver (Pond)

About Brook Trout In the high country surrounding Minturn, we look for beaver ponds as prime habitat for the species of char known as the brook trout.  Native to the East coast, they were originally stocked over a hundred years ago, and they are supremely adapted to mountain conditions.  They breed so quickly that they do […]

Sweetwater Ranch Fishing Report | Private Water with Something for Every Angler

8-15-2014 Sweetwater Report Just 5 miles up from the confluence the Eagle River and the mighty Colorado lies Sweetwater Ranch. Here Minturn Anglers have exclusive private fishing on miles of a charming creek and three ponds all full of fish ready to eat a fly. The creek has every combination of riffle, run and pool […]

Piney Lake and Upper Piney River | Fly Fishing Report

The Piney River Ranch Experience If you haven’t made the trip up to Piney before this should be something to put on your list. The 12 mile drive from Vail takes you gets you off the beaten path, driving through the White River National Forest. Once at Piney Lake, you are met with majestic views of […]

“Filthy” Flies | Third Bug Selection

8-13-2014 Bug Selection May is for love. August is for scuffling and fighting your way through the maze of thunderstorms, warm water, waning bugs and high skies.  For a guide, the dog days of August are just about putting your head down and keeping moving.  Fishing can be frustratingly tough and amazingly beautiful at the […]

Fly Fishing Destination Trips: Idaho Alaska Wyoming New York Belize

                   Colorado Premier Fly Fishing Guide Service – Denver & Vail CO – Fly Shops 10am – 6pm Mon-Sat. Vail: 970-827-9500 | Denver: 720-851-4665 Alaska – Sept. 20th to Oct 4th Trip Packet Here It’s not too late to book Alaska this year! We are offering the […]

Spey Casting is Fly Casting | Basic & Forgotten Fundamentals

My goal in writing this blog and making the video (above) is to do so without mention of terms most people who would benefit from reading this wouldn’t understand. If I tried to explain a bunch of techniques in this article, it would significantly take-away from the main points I’m trying to emphasize. If you decide […]

Tom Rushlow / Minturn Anglers Fly Fishing Guide Profile

Tom Rushlow has been fishing since he was able to hold a rod.  He grew up fishing in southern Michigan where he learned how to angle for panfish. He moved to Texas in the early 1980s where he went to high school and university and continued to fish.   In 1996, after graduating from Southwest Texas […]

Dealing with a Fly Fishing Hook Injury

Fly fishing is considered one of the safest sports around, yet I was recently reminded that it too is not without hazards. On my last trip out, this time on the Blue River tailwater down from Dillon Dam, I threw a cast that got caught by a sudden gust of wind, and very effectively hooked […]