String Leech Fly Tying Tutorial | Levi Lambert

Dubbing Loop Leech Tutorial Yea, you heard me, a leech and I know what your thinking, with all the wonderful variations of stone flies, worms, eggs, and attractor patterns, why in the world would you waste space in your nymph rig with a dull looking leech? It’s simple, I’m lazy, and this particular leech pattern […]

Catch and Release 101, Part 3 of 3

Many fly fishermen and women working familiar waters insist that they have caught the same fish more than once. And the experience was just as exciting the second or third time around as it was the first time. That is why anglers around the world promote catch and release practices! I hope you have been […]

To Tie or Not to Tie… – Levi Lambert

  W.O.H. Sparkle Dun Hook: Tiemco 100 Dry Fly Hook #18-22 Thread: Dark Grey Ultra 70 Shuck – Black Ice Dub Body – Adams Grey Dubbing Wing – Deer Hair   Now that the water on the S. Platte is consistently producing Blue Wing hatches that the trout are¬†noticing, it’s time to break out the […]

Umpqua Ledges 650 Waist Pack Review

I have fished with the Ledges 650 waist pack for a dozen or so trips on the Eagle River and Colorado River ranging from all day excursions to quick 1-2 hour trips, I can say that this pack is one of the most comfortable and versatile waist packs I have come across. I liked this […]