South Platte Carp

Carp on the Fly With Barry Reynolds Minturn Anglers guide Jake McKittrick and Barry Reynolds getting after some carp on the South Platte through Denver in the Movie “Urban Warfare.” Fly Fishing the South Platte for Carp We often think of the words South Platte and trout as synonymous. Today however, Denver fly fishing enthusiasts […]

Pike on the Fly

Barry Reynolds on Fly Fishing For Pike Barry Reynolds talks about pursuing trophy pike on the fly. Barry hooks and lands a 50″ pike on a top water fly in this look back at some incredible top water action on the Innoko River in Southwest Alaska! Barry is the Godfather of alternative species on the […]

Trout Eating Mice

Once in a Blue Moon When New Zealand’s beech trees produce excess seeds, the mice populations spike and the brown trout strike growing to epic proportions. Fly fishing dreams are made Once in a Blue Moon. Call us at 720-851-4665 to order a copy of  Once in a Blue Moon! We also rent fly fishing DVD’s […]

Rooster Fish on the Fly

Running Down the Man A great video presented by our Scott Fly Rod Rep. Frank Smethurst. This video depicts the spirit of the Scott Fly Rod Nation! It’s been said that you can’t catch a roosterfish on a fly and furthermore that you can’t catch a roosterfish on a fly from the beach. Frank Smethurst […]

Eastern Rises

Eastern Rises For those who joined us at the film premier of Eastern Rises in December of 2010, we would have to agree this is the best fly fishing video to date. Ben Knight’s cynical, snarky narration pulls you along on this humorous and intriguing tale of fishing Far East Russia. The cinematography is superb, […]


Rise The second full-length movie project from Confluence Films, “Rise” is a 70-minute feature that spotlights a line-up of interesting characters, captivating locales, and a series of stories that provide a fantastic look at the industry, the sport and the places fishing can take us. “Rise” showcases some of the world’s finest angling destinations, including […]


Drift A stunning visual journey, DRIFT combines the highest quality film production, world class flyfishing and an eclectic group of anglers to create the most definitive film about the sport to date. By Confluence Films. Call us at 720-851-4665 to order a copy of Drift.  We also rent DVD’s for $4.95/week.

Winter Fly Fishing

Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado may seam foreign to some, while others of us can’t get enough of it.  The crowds are non existent, and the fishing can be outstanding.  We generally fish banker’s hours (arrive at 10, off by 3) in the cold months.  The best fishing in the winter will occur during the […]

South Platte Narrows

Running the Narrows on the Lower South Platte This is not a trip we offer commercially, but it is one that all of our guides enjoy on their own time.  This video shows the most tecnical stretch of river through the Narrows aproximately 12 miles below the town of Deckers.  Boaters should use caution when […]

Walk-the-Dog Topwater Fly

The Pole Dancer Topwater Fly This fall we were able to get our hands on one of Umpqua’s new Flies, “The Pole Dancer.”  This is a true walk the dog topwater that until now has been hard to achieve in a fly.  The face of this fly is cut out in a way that when […]