The Miracle Mile is HOT & Wade Friendly!

Big Lake Run While Wade Fishing “The Mile” The Miracle Mile is on FIRE & wade fisher friendly! No crowds & TONS of big fish  moving up from Pathfinder! Minturn Anglers Premier Fly Fishing Guide Service Vail: 970-827-9500 | Denver: 720-851-4665 Wade Fishing the North Platte at High Water We are seeing a lot […]

Floating Grey Reef to Lusby | N. Platte River Fly Fishing Info

April 12th: Reef to Lusby Gin and I were back at it again with our crew of four from yesterday and had a fantastic day!  Lot’s of bent rods all around and NO WIND!  Typical flies…eggs, red annelids, and midges in size 18.  Gin also did well on a #18 jujubeatis.  Heavy midge hatch today […]

Grey Reef to Gov. Bridge Fly Fishing | N. Platte Spring Fishing

Grey Reef: Fishing on the upper 13 (Reef-Government Bridge) remains very good to bonkers. On the upper three miles we are throwing eggs as a point fly, red annelids as a middle fly and small SJ’s as the third fly.  Once we get to Ledge Creek we are going big and dirty all the way […]

Fishing Reports Around the West & Beyond

The Salt Guide Jeff Lyon recently sent us a pic of his latest catch and we figured it should make the weekly report.  BIG CUDA! South Platte The water has been a little “funky” and the bite has slowed down substantially as of late through town.  Deckers remains steady and flows have recently increased to […]

Product Review: Skagit MOW Tips

MOW Tips are based on the type of sink tips that Skagit maestros Mike McCune, Scott O’Donnell and Ed Ward have designed and used for years. Not only are the MOW tips exceptionally easy to cast, but they also give anglers far more precision in depth control than has ever been possible in the past. […]

Double Spey Skagit Cast

The Double spey is much like the single spey but with one additional movement.  We use this cast when our casting shoulder is faced downstream. 1. With the rod and line downstream of your casting shoulder strip all the way to the shooting head. 2. Raiser the rod to shoulder level and in a slow […]

Skagit Cast: Snap T, Circle Spey, C Spey

The Snap T, Circle Spey and C Spey, are virtually the same cast.  The difference is in how sharp the line is repositioned to the anchor position. These casts are used to reposition the line ro your casting side shoulder when your casting shoulder is facing upstream. 1. With the line and rod pointing down […]