Fly Rod Design | Understanding Fly Rod Stiffness

Why are some fly rods stiffer than others and why does a 5wt sometimes feel stiffer than what another manufacture calls a 7wt fly rod? Tim Rajeff- Echo Fly Rods explains what fly rod stiffness entails. For the second part of this video see Fly Rod Power vs. Fly Rod Action.

Fly Rod Design | Understanding Fly Rod Action & Power

Have you ever wondered what makes a fly rod slow, medium, fast action, 5wt or 8wt? In this video Tim Rajeff of Echo Fly Rods talks us through how fly rods are rated on a deflection board during the design process and what determines a fly rods action vs. the fly rod power. Fast Action […]

Distance Fly Casting Tips | Tim Rajeff

Tim Rajeff of Echo Fly Rods has two short fly casting videos shared on this page that will help you cast farther and easier. Distance Cssting Tips Video (Part 1) Featured above We often times think that the double haul, loop shape & line speed¬† (outlined in distance casting tips part 2 below) are all […]

Accuracy Fly Casting Tips | Tim Rajeff- Competition Fly Casting

In this fly casting video tutorial, Tim Rajeff talks us through some pointers for improving fly casting accuracy. Accuracy Casting Tip Outlines When trying to improve your accuracy, stand with your casting side foot forward to eliminate shoulder and body rotation through the cast. Keep your casting hand in front of your body during the […]

Airflo Spey Line Reviews | Airflo Skagit, Scandi & Traditional Spey Lines

When it comes to fly lines, we often turn to Tim Rajeff for advice on choosing fly lines. The Airflo Spey Lines we carry at Minturn Anglers through our Dealership with Rajeff Sports are some of our favorites fly lines for switch & Spey rods. In our opinion, their most unique lines are in the […]