Levi’s Top Brass Midge – Fly Tying Tutorial

Levi’s Top Brass Midge This fly was created with a emphasis on simplicity, durability, and the ability to be fished throughout the water column. The Top Brass¬†midge with it’s foam gills and super fine dubbed head and thorax can be fished on the surface film or in a nymph or dry dropper rig, the simple […]

South Platte Fishing Report – Deckers 1/22/17

The S. Platte river around Deckers has been fishing really well, winter flows have been steady at around 60CFS, however the water clarity is slightly off color, making it a little easier to sneak up on fish if you can spot them The weather air temp has regularly been getting into the mid 40’s and […]

Wire Midge Pattern – Levi Lambert

One of my favorite midge larvae patterns to fish in the winter, this minimalist pattern is basically an Ian’s Brass Ass without the added flash on the cheeks of the fly This particular pattern, in addition to being a great midge larvae imitation, also mimic’s the small species of annelid that are a prominent food […]