Levi’s Variation on a CDC Spinner – Fly Tying Video Tutorial

CDC Spinner This easy pattern is a great additive to the fly box, especially if your a waterfowl hunter who happens to have a stash of cdc feathers. I have found this pattern most effective when tied in Trico and BWO colors and sizes. I take a slightly different tact on tying in the cdc […]

Deckers Fishing Report 3/23/17 – Levi Lambert

Lots of hatch’s to take advantage of on the Decker’s portion of the S. Platte river right now! The Flows were bumped up to around 120cfs the other day and this seems to have improved the already good fishing. Hatch’s of  Midges, Micro stone flies, BWO’s and even a Skwala stone or two have the […]

Christmas Midge by Levi Lambert

This exceeding simple pattern was developed as an alternative to the small flashy patterns that were available I wanted something that incorporated a visibly distinct segmentation in the abdomen with colors that were very visible, these attributes coupled with the small amount of flash in the abdomen (mimicking trapped gases) makes this pattern very effective, […]

Deckers Fly Fishing Report – March 6th 2017 – Levi Lambert

South Platte River Fishing Report (Deckers) Warm weather, slightly higher flows, and the arrival of the big midge have made for some great fishing.  The weather has been in the mid 60’s for the last 7 days, making the water temps consistently high enough to see some rising fish mid day and late in the […]