Judge a Fly Fishing Shop by the Company it Keeps

Judge a Fly Fishing Shop by the Company it Keeps

 Denver- Minturn Anglers Fly ShopYou can tell how dedicated a fly fishing company is to its mission and to its customers by the services it provides. It is easy to judge. A good shop will have staff who take the time to explain the nuances of new gear and flies. Employees are friendly and are genuinely pleased to share their knowledge about anything related to fly fishing. Guides know their waters and excel in taking clients to the most active waters on any particular day. You just know there’s a good match when anglers return to the same shop time after time, developing an excellent working relationship with the staff.

I know this is certainly the case with Minturn Anglers. But there’s more than just feeling good. Where else will you find a sincere dedication to providing knowledge about the sport of fly fishing? This might have been seen as an exclusive sport in the past, but I have seen the group at Minturn Anglers make the effort to spread enthusiasm for the sport to new anglers and the younger generation, and even work to improve the skills of more experienced fishermen and fisherwomen.

Minturn Anglers has shops in Denver, Vail and Minturn. In the Vail fly shop, they offer free fly casting lessons daily during the summer, from 9 am until 5 pm. Yes – these are free coaching sessions! Located in Vail’s Solaris center, Minturn Anglers experts are ready and eager to provide guidance in improving casting techniques, selecting patterns, and to answer any questions about fishing. When other Vail events like the Jazz Festival or Food Tasting events take over the Solaris location, staff will take students to nearby Gore Creek or other open areas to practice casting techniques.

The staff at the Minturn Anglers shop in Minturn are just as helpful. When the store is not too busy, they are always willing to provide free casting lessons. Men and women new to the sport and especially children find these sessions useful. They can learn about fly fishing and how to cast in a friendly and non-stressful environment.

For anglers looking to improve their fly fishing skills, I guarantee Minturn Anglers Fly Shops are the place to be.

It’s time to nail down your 2024 fly fishing trip with Minturn Anglers.

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