Fly Tying Materials

Minturn Anglers is the best source for fly tying material, fly tying instruction & detailed fly tying videos online.  We carry quality fly tying products from Hareline, Wapsi, Montana Fly, Whiting Farms, Dr. Slick, Regal, Griffin, Renzetti, Umpqua, Metz and Much more. Quick Fly Tying Links Denver Area Fly Tying Classes Online Fly Tying Video […]

Fly Tying Adhesives | UV Fly Finish, Epoxy, Head Cement, Dubbing Wax

Loon Fly Tying Products I’ve used Loon UV products for the last few years and have come to like them in certain fly tying applications.  The fly finish is definitely the way to go for fly tying applications.  Hit with the UV power light or direct sun it dries almost instantly and stays clear for […]

Calf Tail Fly Tying Material | Wulff Wings, Parachute Posts Materials

Full Calf  Tail– natural and beautifully dyed colors available from Wapsi, Hareline and Metz. Calf tail is one of the most useful fly tying materials you can own. Calf tail unlike bucktail is medium in  length, fine, and the hair more crinkly than bucktail and other hair patterns. Calf tail Can be stacked for use […]

Bucktail Fly Tying Material | Streamer Patterns, Selecting Quality Bucktail

Bucktail is the world’s most popular streamer fly tying material popularized by the Clouser Minnow pattern and various other streamer patterns that have spun of the Clouser. When tying with bucktail length of hair is super important, especially when tying clouser minnows for warm and saltwater species. Tying Instructions Bucktail Fly Tying Material Used in […]

Braided Fly Tying Materials | Diamond Braid, Midge Braid, Flat Braid

Braided fly tying materials are excellent for adding flash to a fly quickly and easily without having to use up a ton of material on each fly you tie. Hareline Chironomid braid a woven braid that comes on a cord that when wrapped will lay flat and create a great segmented body at the edge […]

Biots & Quills Fly Tying Materials| Goose Biots, Duck, Turkey

Tying Flies Using Biots & Quills Instructional Fly Tying Video Quills and biots are used for tying a wide variety of both dry flies and nymphs.  For larger flies we prefer to use turkey biots or duck quills because the fiber is longer.  For smaller flies or for biot tails on a copper john  goose […]