*FREE* Fly Tying Every Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 at our Minturn Location!

Starting this Thursday, December 5th… Minturn Anglers will continue it’s Winter tradition of hosting FREE Fly Tying Night at our Minturn location every Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30pm. With the expansion of our Minturn fly shop, we have plenty of room so make sure to tell your family and friends. Our Fly Tying Night is […]

The Big Bird PMD Nymph by Bob Streb

This is a great fly tying pattern for our local Colorado streams. It is a quick tie, uses only a few materials and works like a charm all Summer long on the Eagle River, Roaring Fork and Colorado River. These flies fish best from a Sz. 16-20 on a dead drift or a gradual lift. […]

The Crip Keeper by Bob Streb

This fly pattern is a great mayfly cripple pattern for here in central Colorado, especially on the Eagle, Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. When the fishing pressure picks up on our central Colorado Trout, small and realistic is the way to go. The trout on our major Colorado fisheries can get pretty picky and this […]

Bob’s Big Bird Midge by Bob Streb

Bob’s Big Bird Midge is a variation of his ever-popular Big Bird PMD. This fly is a Colorado guide favorite and features an ultra-realistic biot body and a herl head that moves like crazy in the water. This fly is made of only a few materials and can tied industry style in different colors and […]

*FREE* Fly Tying Night Thursday Dec. 12th – Midge Themed Night

*FREE* Fly Tying Night Thursday Dec. 12th – Midge Themed Night This Thursday at Fly Tying Night, we will be getting out the tiny hooks and the fine thread and tying up our favorite Colorado Midge patterns. Midges are the ticket for fly fishing in Colorado in the Winter months but these bugs are appropriate […]

Hank Patterson Christmas Extravaganza Dec. 21st

Hank Patterson Christmas Extravaganza Dec. 21st in Parker, CO Join us for our annual holiday party in Parker hosted by Hank Patterson We are very proud (and slightly nervous) to announce that we are hosting Hank Patterson at this year’s annual Christmas party in Parker. We will be raffling items from local Colorado fly fishing […]

Hank Patterson Christmas Party Recap

Great times had by all… Thanks for the support! We are super appreciative for the great turn out and the warm holiday wishes The staff at Minturn Anglers would like to start by thanking everyone who came out for the Hank Patterson Christmas Party at Minturn Anglers in Parker. The event could not have been […]

Check out our Idaho Destination Trip on ISSUU!

One more month until Minturn Anglers takes over Idaho! Minturn Anglers will be guiding and fishing the entire month of February on The Clearwater River Click the link below for trip details. We would love to host you this February! http://issuu.com/minturnanglers/docs/idaho_winter_steelhead_destination_

Sam’s Softhackle Sally

Sally slimmed down Day dreaming away a cold winters day at the tying vise is one of the reasons we tie flies. Tying this one up makes me think of warmer days, my boat and the Upper Colorado River. Sally shrunk! Maybe it was a New Years Resolution a few years back that stuck, but […]

Hungry Brown Trout in The Eagle River

Feeding fish in freezing weather Regardless of the weather, the water temps are ideal in the right areas With football on TV and temps below 20 degrees, a few of us decided to brave the elements and fish The Eagle River knowing full well that we would be the only hearty (or dumb) fishermen out […]