Reviewing Basic Gun Safety

Even if you have been handling guns for years, or if you are new to the sport of waterfowl hunting, it is always a good idea to periodically review the requirements for safe gun handling. The NRA offers solid basic advice: The first rule of gun safety is to always point the firearm in a […]

Colorado Stress Free Duck Hunting

  I have been duck hunting Colorado’s Denver Front Range for years, and over time have latched on to approaches that help make each of my hunting trips successful and stress free. I find that waterfowling doesn’t have to be difficult, and is actually more enjoyable when I take the time to define my priorities, […]

All My Ducks in a Row

  My waterfowl decoy collection provides me with much enjoyment every year, so I always try to return the favor at the end of the hunting season and at the beginning of the next to make sure that each decoy remains appealing. When they’re in use my decoys typically do not get much respect, often […]

Fine Tuning Your Colorado Front Range Goose Hunting Skills

You’ve started preparing for your first Colorado goose hunting expedition of the season. Of course, getting your gear in order is a priority. But you should also take the time to review important strategies which will increase the success of each hunt. Planning ahead before you get into the field will increase your success rate. […]

Thanks to Minturn Anglers Guides for the Best Duck Hunting Experience

I love duck hunting with a passion. Come with me as I share some of the reasons I lie awake in anticipation on the opening day of duck hunting season: Pre-season on-line, catalog and in store shopping for equipment and supplies has stretched my patience for opening day to arrive Getting ready for the first […]

Keeping Warm When Duck Hunting

When I was a teen I frequently went duck hunting on fields near Denver Colorado for 2-3 hours before school started. Even though there was often frost on the ground, all I needed was a windbreaker and cap to keep me warm. Today, however, my body speaks to me differently and I find myself following […]

Preparing for Your First Colorado Waterfowl Hunting Season

You see them every year. During peak migration period, more than 600,000 geese and other waterfowl fly through Colorado’s Denver Front Range corridor. This year you have decided to claim a few of these birds for yourself. Here are a few tips on getting started if this is a new sport for you. It helps […]

Choosing a First Waterfowl Shotgun for My Daughter

My teenage daughter Logan is as much of an outdoor nut as I am. I brought her out last summer, at her insistence, to try her hand at fly fishing on the Dream Stream. This fall she is adamant she wants to accompany me on a Denver Front Range waterfowl hunting expedition. I love it! I […]

Waterfowl Hunting the Colorado Front Range: Putting Your Best Shot Forward

It’s hard to recall the number of times I’ve relied on advice from knowledgeable staff at Minturn Anglers. Whether I’m in their Denver, Minturn or Vail shop, I can always count on friendly discussions and useful information to guide my decisions. Just recently I was in the Denver store stocking up on ammunition for the […]

My Best Duck and Goose Hunting Blind

When I want to spend a day hunting duck or goose without having to compete with large numbers of other hunters searching for the best spots in Colorado’s State Wildlife Areas, I drop in to the Minturn Anglers hunting shop in Vail and sometimes Denver, Colorado. For a very modest fee, I can rent an […]