Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is finally in full swing by mid July when  the flows are low and the fish are fat and happy! We enjoy fishing several of the feeder creeks on the Thompson River drainage, where the dry fly fishing is always supurb!  These trout will eat almost anything that hits the water, […]

RMNP Fly Fishing Report August

Rocky Mountain National Park is finally in full swing.  The flows are low and the fish are fat and happy!  I was able to fish several of the feeder creeks on the Thompson River drainage, and I must say that it was superb!  The fish were eating almost anything that hit the water, even though […]

Lamson Waterworks ULA Force SL Fly Reel Review

2649-Nice Brown on the ULA Force SL 2

How does Lamson do it?  They keep making reels lighter and lighter.   Every time Lamson releases a new reel, I say there is no way it can get any better.  Well….it has gotten better, much better.  The Lamson ULA Force SL, is as light as it gets.  From what I can see, there is no […]

Fly Fishing Cheesman Canyon | South Platte River

Jim and I woke up super early to be the first ones into Cheesman Canyon yesterday.  This meant a 4am wake up call and a hike in the dark, but it was all worth it!  Cheesman fished very well yesterday and the dry fly action was the best I have seen in a long time.  […]

Sage ONE Review | On the Water Fly Rod Reviews

Here is part two to our Sage ONE Gear Review. I usually like to actually “fish” a new rod, before I make my final opinion of the product…so lets begin. In my first review, I stated that I loved the rod, and my opinion has not changed. In fact, I love it even more. One […]

Colorado River Pumphouse to Rancho

It’s great to be home after a few weeks in Wyoming. Yesterday (8/22/11) I  Guided Mike Buso and Eric on the upper Colorado. We did the long float Pumphouse to Rancho and caught fish all day, in a variety of water types from the put in to the take out. Flows are now at a […]

The NEW Sage ONE is Here!

The Sage ONE has arrived.  This rod is going to be a game changer!  As soon as FedEx handed over the box, I thought Sage forgot to put rods inside the box.  I could have sworn the box was completely empty, but nope it was full!  First impressions of the new Sage ONE are great.  […]

Miracle Mile Hook Up

Client Drew Decker Hooking up in the Canyon Section of the Miracle Mile on the North Platte in Central Wyoming. Additional video of a nice fish from grey reef the day before. North Platte Grey Reef & Miracle Mile Fly Fishing Resources Guided Float Trips North Platte River: Grey Reef, Miracle Mile North Platte River […]

Day of Pigs

A guided trip on the Miracle Mile section of the North Platte where the big fish just kept coming.