SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin Steelhead Fly Line Information

The Scientific Angler Sharkskin Steelhead line is designed for big water, long drifts, and big indicators. It is an incrediable line for being able to mend at great distances, cast a long distance very accurately. The Sharkskin Steelhead has unique front and rear tapers. The front delays turn over at distance, which makes it easier […]

SA Fly Line Review | Mastery Textured Series Information

The Scientific Angler’s Mastery Textured Series of lines in spin off of the original Sharkskin series of lines. A great way for an angler to try a specialty line without being a fully textured line. Where the Mastery Textured line is different from its Sharkskin brother is the fact the line isn’t textured 360 degrees […]

SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin Shooting Line .032″/.035″ Information

The Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Shooting line is the ultimate in long distance casting and minimal tangling running line for both fresh and saltwater applications.   This line is very slick due to the Sharkskin Pattern which allows for maximum line speed and distance. It also doesn’t tangle on the caster, in either single or double […]

SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin Saltwater Fly Line Information

The Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Saltwater Line is taper made to cover all of your saltwater needs. From beginner to advancted casters, it loads medium to fast actions effortlessly. Sharksking Saltwater started off as their world famous saltwater taper and got a boost in performance with the Sharkskin Pattern. The line is a mid length head […]

Titan Rod Vault Review | Fly Rod Car-Top Carrying Systems

The Titan Rod Vault is showing up more than ever on the top of fly fishers vehicles & rivers everywhere! Titan Fly Rod Vaults are an easy way to travel to and from your favorite fishing locations without having to break your fly rods down and/or risk breakingrods in the car. Unlike other vehicle rod […]

Ketchum Release Tool Review | Catch & Release Fly Fishing Hook Remover

The Ketchum Release Tool by Waterworks is a must have catch & Release fly fishing tool for those who fly fish in Colorado. This tool is designed to make hook removal easy & keep your hands out of the water! Not only does it reduce fish mortality by handling the fish less and releasing trout […]

Rio Trout LT Fly Line Review | Double Taper & Weight Forward

Rio Trout LT Fly Line– Long front and rear tapers ensure this line gives the softest of presentation. Use this line for wary fish and for when fishing small flies – generally size 10 and smaller. It is also the perfect line on softer rods. Available in Weight Forward (WF) or Double Taper (DT). $74.95 […]

Rio Grand Fly Line Review | Rio Lines Fly Fishing Product Info

Rio Grand Fly Line- Ideal for fast action rods, windy conditions & big flies. Also a great fly line for novices and casters that like a little extra load. $74.95 The RIO Grand is the perfect match for fast action fly rods. Half size heavier than the AFTMA standard Weight distributed toward the front of […]

SA Fly Line Review | Sharkskin GPX Fly Line Information

The SA Sharkskin GPX is a perfect everyday use fly line to cover just about any fishing situation that you could be faced with its a floating general presenation taper. Sharkskin GPX floats high, more durable and less memory than most other fly lines out on today’s fly line market. SA uses their Dry Tip […]