Fly Fishing North Park, CO | Encampment, Delaney, Upper North Platte River

The Fly Fishing available in the North Park area of Colorado is one of the truly hidden gems we have near the Colorado & Wyoming Border.  Just outside of Walden, CO is the Headwaters of the North Platte, Delaney Buttes Reservoirs & the Encampment River. The guides of St. Peters fly shop in Fort Collins, […]

Rio Saltwater Fly Line Review | Bonefish, Tarpon, Redfish Lines

Rio Saltwater fly lines are amongst the best in the world for virtually every saltwater species.  Rio makes species specific fly lines with tapers designed to deliver the fly and present it the way certain species require. Rio Fly Lines have a stiff core that deliver the best hook set, stabilize in flight & get […]

Scientific Anglers Mastery Steelhead Line Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

5502-SA Mastery Steelhead-Fly-Line

The Scientific Anglers Mastery Steelhead line is an ideal choice nymphing needs on big water and has ultimate line control at distance. SA has built their Steelhead line on a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness, which allows for moderate delivery in any fishing condtion. Because of its unique taper both front and rear it allows […]

Rio StreamerTip Review | Rio Type 3, Type 6 Sink Tip Fly Line

5431-Rio-streamer tip-fly-line-review

Rio Streamertip sinking tip fly lines are the ideal fly line for getting flies down with Single handed rods.  Streamertip lines are available in line size to throw and sink any size streamer you’d like. All Rio Sink tip lines have an integrated sink tip that is build into the floating section of the fly […]

Rio Full Sinking Fly Line Review | Rio Deep 3, 4, 6, 7 Full Sink

Rio Deep Full Sinking fly lines are density compensated sinking lines designed to be heavier at the tip so that the tip of the line sinks first which makes for an even sink rate. The Rio Deep Series of fly Lines are available in sink rates of 3 to 7 inches a second.  no matter […]

Scientific Anglers Mastery Expert Distance Product Review| SA Fly Line Information

5398-SA Mastery Expert Distance-Fly-Line

The Scientific Anglers Mastery Expert Distance Fly Line is another specialty floating line that helps anglers at distance with unbelievable control. Scientific Anglers started with a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness, giving the angler a moderate delivery and with the long taper design gives the angler the ability deliver trout flies at a medium to […]