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Colorado’s Premier Fly Shop Parker 10am – 6pm Mon- Sun     OPEN Sundays through the Summer! 720-851-4665   Minturn 9am – 5pm Mon – Sun EXTENDED Summer Hours! 970-827-9500 Vail Valley Fishing Reports Click for more fishing reports   Eagle River There’s nothing wrong with some dirty water. Bigger flies, heavier rigs, drinkin’ beers […]

Denver Urban Fishing for Your Sales Team

How about telling your sales team you’ll meet them in the parking lot at Frog Hollow Park in downtown Denver for your weekly sales meeting? If you’re looking for an innovative way to gear up your sales team, try urban fly fishing at Trestle Hole near Sixth Avenue Bridge, an easy walk from the park. […]

Tyin’ the Knot with Levi Lambert

One of the longest running mistakes I’ve made in fly fishing is waiting as long as I did to become proficient in the half dozen or so knots that we use on a daily basis when fishing! Over the years of observing my own fishing process and the process of others I have noticed a […]

Why I Love Denver? Fly Fishing of Course!

US News & World Report lists Denver as number one on their 2016 list of Best Places to Live in the USA. I think they got it right, and with good reason. We have the most breathtaking nature right in our backyard, with almost 200 peaks in the Rocky Mountain Range greeting us every day. […]

Camp Hale/ Homestake Creek Fishing Report | 6/9/2016

Camp Hale/ Homestake Creek Fishing Report 6/9/2016 With it being peak runoff in the valley, we fled to the high country in search for safer wading conditions and a slower drift. The creek is running higher then normal and is also tinted a bit, to our advantage. Later in the summer, the flows of Homestake […]

Amanda Hertzfeld | Professional Artist and Fly Fishing Guide

Amanda Hertzfeld’s Art and Fly Fishing Website Inspired by fly fishing, my artwork is a direct reflection of my passions. Creating paintings that capture the relationships between fish, flies, and the natural environment is both challenging and fulfilling. Just like painting, each day on the river is a blank slate; a white canvas waiting […]

A Bad Day of Fishing – Minturn Anglers Guide Levi Lambert

A bad day of fishing?   Frequent any fly shop, seminar, or fishing blog and you will undoubtedly hear advanced anglers preaching about the need for solid technique, drift mechanics, and a basic understanding of local entomology to be successful when fishing tail waters, all of this is of course accurate, however, the other side […]

10 Hidden Springtime Fly Fishing Spots in and Around Denver

There are many little known fly fishing locations in and around Denver. Spring is the ideal time to pull out your gear and start exploring some of these incredible angling opportunities. Days are getting longer and warmer, many different insect larvae are becoming more active, and rainbow, cutthroat and brown fish are starting to spawn. […]

A Vail Horseback Fly Fishing Bachelorette Party

My daughter Alex has been enjoying her role as maid of honor for one of her best friends. So far she’s been doing an exemplary job helping organize the big day, but is concerned about pulling off the best bachelorette party ever. She’s been to a few where activities have been exhausting and to be […]